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Contact HydroNI at or call 07768930914 (Gerard) 07902316954 (Trevor)

Who we are

HydroNI are accredited installers of Hydro Electric Systems.

We specialise in providing a complete service from your initial enquiry through to project commissioning and operation.

Generating power from water is the oldest renewable energy supply. Most of our clients will only develop one hydro power scheme in their entire lifetime and they are faced with the challenge that nature has provided a potential hydro site that is largely unique to them. Hence requiring an engineering solution that addresses their site-specific characteristics.

We use our many years of engineering experience and know how to provide solutions to your challenges, offering advice and help to develop the best engineering design for your unique project. Our starting point is to determine what nature has provided in terms of available water and available fall.

By answering questions and offering much needed advice we make the process of installing a turbine smoother and less stressful for our clients. Typical questions that we get asked are:

How much water do I need?   
How much energy could the stream produce?
How does hydro electric power work?
What equipment do I need, and where can I buy it?
How much will it cost?
Are there grants available?
What savings / income can I expect?
What regulatory permissions do I need?
Who can I talk to for more information?

We can answer all these questions, if you have the desire to find out more, why not contact us?